Regular exercise is an important part of healthy living for all of us. A regular exercise routine is a vital component, for people living with PD, as it can help you maintain your abilities, strengthen your muscles, increase mobility in your joints and build up your general fitness and health.

Some of the benefits of exercise include:

Exercise is good for your heart
Increase in energy levels
Improves muscle strength
Helps you maintain a healthy weight
Improves brain function
People who exercise tend to sleep better Exercise improves your mood and gives you a good sense of well being

Depending on the stage of the disease, it may be best for people with PD to train in an environment where there are others around, who could offer help if needed. Training with others also helps with motivation.

For people who have stability or mobility problems it is always advisable to engage the services of a physiotherapist.

Examples of exercise programs for people with PD include:

Alternative forms of exercise (Yoga, dance)
Home-based exercise (workout tapes)
Treadmill training with body weight support
Walking (leisure, Brisk)
Resistance training
Aerobic exercise
Use of video games e.g. Nintendo WII or Xbox 360 console

Making exercise part of your regular routine provides a sense of achievement and can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression

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