Resource Links

Internet resources on Parkinson’s Disease: Important web-sites you can research more on

A wealth of electronic resources about Parkinson’s, with an extensive catalog of on-line seminars available to the public from the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation:

Another very informative and straightforward web-page on Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple resource page of “Parkinson’s voices” organization, including especially short but very evocative testimonies of PD patients and family members

And another similar page with short, moving testimonies of PD patients and family members:

Info on Parkinson’s support group meetings in the Lehigh Valley:  e.g. Wed. Mar 20 Parkinson’s Support Group St. Luke’s Hospital Allentown campus 17th and Hamilton St. Refreshments 6 – 6:30, presentation 6:30 – 7:30
Different topics related to PD.

YouTube educational videos:

What are the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?   Butler Hospital

10 key non-movement symptoms of Parkinson’s that everybody ought to know about

An extremely informative,  superb 1 hour video produced by UCLA Medical school:

Gentle exercise program designed for Parkinson’s patients

Words of wisdom and experience from a veteran Parkinson’s patient

Links courtesy of Fr. Thomas Kevin Kraft OP